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Tour Suggestions

All tours can be modified, amended and extended and a variety of other activities can be added to suit individual needs. Please feel free to discuss with me your individual requirements.

One Day Tour:

Day1: Angkor Thom City and Angkor Wat

After breakfast at your hotel/guest house, depart to see the city of Angkor Thom (You will arrive via the South Gate of this city) Readmore...

Two Day Tour:

Day1: Angkor Thom City and Angkor Wat

Go on to see some temples on the small tour: Chao Say Tevoda, Thommanon, Takeo and  Banteay Kdei. Readmore... 

Three Day Tour:

Day1: Rolous Group and Sun Set

In the morning, depart to the east of Siem Reap to see three temples and the site of the ancient capital city: Lolei, Preah Ko and Bakong temple. On return visit the Genocide monument and a local pagoda Readmore...

Four Day Tour:

Day1: Angkor Thom City and Ta Prohm

From here you will enter the city and move to the Bayon temple (1200AD), famous for its many galleries of Bas-reliefs that chronicle the history and life of the city Readmore...

Suggested alternative/extra touring activities:

Feel free to discuss with me any of these alternatives.

Ox cart ride and local Village visit.

Visit a local authentic village and take a 45 minute ox cart ride around the local lanes and roads, witnessing up close life and activities throughout the village and surrounding fields.

Local market and local School visit.

Visit a local market on the way to a local primary and junior secondary school in a nearby village.  I have taught at this school for the past five years, and attended this Primary school as a child. As you will be visiting in the wet season there will be no students at the school.

Local NGO visit

Visit a local Non Government Organisation (NGO) and hear about its work supporting Cambodia in its rebuilding.  ‘Journeys Within Our Community’ (JWOC) is a local NGO that is sponsoring over 60 young people from Siem Reap to attend University.  I am a JWOC graduate.  While they are at University for four years, these young Cambodian students pay back their sponsorship by volunteering on JWOC’s three community projects for 5 hours every week:

1.      Whole village clean water development

2.      Micro-finance loans for local families to start small businesses

3.      Free English classes for local children

Killing Fields memorial back in town, just off the return road and not far from your hotel - a small memorial glass walled stupa containing bones and other remains next to a Buddhist Temple (Wat Thmei) – some information boards, the three storied building nearby once held a prison and torture facility during the Khmer Rouge time, and some small graves are nearby as well. (30 min)

Floating village: An interesting boat trip on Tonle Sap Lake, where you will have an opportunity to the daily life of people living on the lake. Tonle Sap is biggest and largest fresh water in South East Asia. You can see houses on stilts that are submerged when Tonle Sap extends. You will also enjoy the flooded forest along the way. (2hr)

Angkor Silk Farm: located in Puok district, 16km away from Siem Reap town. It is a fascinating farm/workshop where you can see the entire silk creation process including growing the food for the silk worms, breeding the worms, silk extraction, pattern creation and traditional clothes.  

Dining suggestions:

Pub street and surrounds has many restaurants and cafes and markets/night markets – especially check out the alley to the west:  Pub street and the west alley/the passage.

Two great dining experiences recommended, away from Pub Street, for Friday or Saturday:

Sugar Palm Restaurant – first floor outdoor verandas of an old restored timber/teak colonial house in a suburban street about 10 minutes tuk-tuk from Pub Street.  A beautiful timber setting with lovely

Cambodian decorations.  Ranked in top 20 on Trip Advisor. Need to book in advance.

Taphul Rd, Siem Reap.   (+855) 63 964 838

The Touich Restaurant – an absolute delight!!!  15 minutes by tuk-tuk in a secluded side street.  Run by a Khmer family, mother is in the chef, father is front of house, and daughters are the waitresses, very authentic cuisine.  The setting is wonderful and the food beautifully presented.  Ranked number 1 on Trip Advisor.   It is VERY hard to find – but great fun getting there.  You MUST book, ask me to help well in advance, and go with a tuk-tuk driver that definitely knows it – or get a pick up from the restaurant itself, with an early booking they will do this.

Behind Wat Enkosei ( Wat leu ), Siem Reap  (+855)  92 80 80 40   or  12 99 57 83


Apsara dancing show: There are few restaurants (Kulen II, Angkor Mondial, Sophea Angkor Pech, Amazone)  that serve Buffet dinner with 1 hour traditional dancing show. They are required to book in advance for special seats at the front. There are many kinds of food from Western and Asian countries. The food is nothing to surprise but the show is quite awesome.

Afternoon walk:

Walk along river and have a drink at the Foreign Correspondents Club (FCC)

Walk down to the river and turn left.  Cross the river to the east side at the first bridge (Wat Preah Prom Rath) pagoda bridge, walk along the East bank past the next bridge and cross back to the West side at the third (Stone) bridge.  Walk back along the river stopping at the Foreign Correspondents Club for an afternoon drink.  Total distance about 1.5km – 2km from Hotel.

Thursday & Saturday night activity suggestion:

 Cello Concert at the Children’s Hospital.  7:15-8:15 every Saturday.

Dr Beat Richner, Swiss Paediatrician who has now started some 5 or so childrens and maternity hospitals in Cambodia, gives a 60 minute cello concert interspersed with informative videos and talks, in a very modern concert hall at the Children Hospital.  It is free.  Tables are placed as you leave to sell books, give info and collect donations, but you can avoid if you wish.  You can combine this with an 8:30pm booking at a restaurant, or head back to Pub Street for dinner.  If you do venture out for the night, hire one tuk-tuk for the whole night for the four of you, he will wait at both the hospital and restaurant.


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